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Encore Records Ltd

Anathema - Fine Days 1999 - 2004 - 3CD/DVD

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3 Cd / DVD

Dvd is PAL region 0

DVD-1 to DVD-16 recorded at Studio Krzemionki, Krakow, Poland. Produced and mixed at Sewerside Studios, mixed 31-Jan-2004.
DVD-17 to DVD-19 recorded at Picket, Liverpool, Great Britain. Mixed 27-Feb-2004.
DVD-21 recorded at London, Great Britain.
DVD-22 recorded at Hamburg, Germany.

In addition to being remastered, "A Fine Day To Exit" has the previously unreleased song "A Fine Day" added as track 1, and the running order changed from the original release.

Comes in an A5 digibook.