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Atmosphere - Lucy Ford - 2LP

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2 Lps  

Following the release of their debut album, "Overcast!", Atmosphere was already making waves in the underground Hip-Hop scene, attracting attention for their unique combination of content, styles and sounds. Although the group was suddenly smaller due to the departure of one member, Spawn, the buzz continued to grow, as did the creative output of remaining members Slug and Ant.

Over the next 3 years, the duo recorded and released a flurry of unofficial Atmosphere CD's, tapes, songs and side projects, along with pressing and distributing a string of vinyl EP's, titled "Ford One", "Ford Two", and "The Lucy EP". These vinyl EP's were ultimately consolidated onto one CD as well, for the purpose of selling on tour and distributing to retail, becoming what most considered to be Atmosphere's official sophomore album, "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EP's", more commonly referred to as simply "Lucy Ford".

Now, in celebration of its 20th anniversary, the entire "Lucy Ford" album is finally available on 2xLP vinyl, for the first time in history.