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Atmosphere - So Many Realities Exist Simultaneously - 2LP

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2 LP 

Atmosphere's new album, "So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously", opens with a gentler approach.

A departure from the brute intros of earlier works, "Okay" seems to comfort and reassure the listener, with Slug rapping over one of Ant's most twinkling productions to date. Yet, there's still an unmistakable sense of uneasiness that sets in, evolving throughout the album, as Slug and Ant weave the listener through indistinct themes of insomnia and woe.

Where previous albums in Atmosphere's catalogue emphasized the parts of life that carry the most meaning - family, brotherhood, purpose - "Realities" is an unnerving excavation of paranoia, perspective and positivism. The tension in these songs is palpable, but their presence is a testament to the hope that underpins them.

Whenever the curtains might close, the music goes on.