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Back Street Crawler - Atlantic Years 1975-1976 - 4CD

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4 CDs - Uk Import

The story of Back Street Crawler is a sadly short one, but also a tale of what might have been. After forming in 1968, the British blues rock legends Free called it a day after 1972's "Heartbreaker", just as the band was on the verge of cracking America.

Guitarist Paul Kossoff's first move was to record his solo album "Back Street Crawler" for Island Records in 1973. Joining forces with Terry Wilson (bass), Mike Montgomery (keyboards) and Tony Braunagel (drums), who had played together in Bloontzfrom, plus singer Terry Wilson-Slesser, Kossoff's solo record gave the new band their name, who were then signed by Ahmet Ertegun to Atlantic Records.

This collection complies Back Street Crawler's albums "The Band Plays On" (1975) and "2nd Street" (1976) along with a live 1975 concert from Croydon and seven tracks from their final show at the Starwood in Los Angeles in 1976 (recorded illlicitly by a fan record the show - the quality of this may not be up to the standard usually expected). The fourth disc is completed by studio outtakes of 'Jason Blue' and 'It’s A Long Way Down To The Top', plus the unreleased 'Evening Time' and 'She's Gone'.