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Bert Jansch - On The Edge Of A Dream - 4CD

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4 Cd- 4 Complete albums - Crimson Moon, Edge Of A Dream, The Black Swan, The Setting Of The Sun



Disc 1: Crimson Moon (2000)
Going Home
Crimson Moon
October Song
Looking For Love
Fool's Mate
The River Bank
Omie Wise
My Donald
Neptune's Daughter
Singing The Blues
Disc 2: Edge Of A Dream (2002)
On The Edge Of A Dream
All This Remains
What Is On Your Mind
Sweet Death
I Cannot Keep From Crying
La Luna
Gypsy Dave
Walking This Road
The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
Black Cat Blues
Bright Sunny Morning
Disc 3: The Black Swan (2006)
The Black Swan
High Days
When The Sun Comes Up
Katie Cruel
My Pocket's Empty
Watch The Stars
A Woman Like You
The Old Triangle
Bring Your Religion
Texas Cowboy Blues
Magdalina's Dance
Hey Pretty Girl
Disc 4: The Setting Of The Sun - Demos, Outtakes & Unreleased
Watch The Stars (Demo)
It Don't Bother Me
On The Edge Of A Dream (Demo)
Walking This Road (Demo)
My Pocket's Empty (Demo)
Katie Cruel (Demo)
Fool's Mate (Demo)
The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Demo)