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CD - Beverly Glenn-Copeland - The Ones Ahead

CD - Beverly Glenn-Copeland - The Ones Ahead

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Beverly Glenn-Copeland began his musical career in the 1960s, when he studied classical singing at Montreal's McGill University and performed at Expo 67.

A pair of self-titled, multi-genre albums released in the early 1970s showcased his powerful voice and songwriting talent.

In 1986, while living in rural Ontario, Glenn-Copeland taught himself to use digital synthesis and recorded the album that would ultimately alter the entire course of his career.

At the time, he self-released "Keyboard Fantasies" via a 200-copy cassette run, selling just a handful while the rest waited in storage.

In 2015, a Japanese record collector emailed Glenn-Copeland about selling the remainder; and a new generation had unearthed his art. His multifaceted body of work surrenders to the beauty, pain, and great capacity for healing that courses through life; in its unguarded sincerity, it invites you to share in its courage.

Glenn-Copeland's new album, "The Ones Ahead" - his first collection of new music in nearly two decades - deepens these explorations, casting searching light into how all of us must dissolve the harms of this world and carry each other forward into the next.

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