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Bibi Club - Le Soleil et La Mer - LP

Bibi Club - Le Soleil et La Mer - LP

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Like a song through an open window, it feels like we've been waiting a long time for "Le soleil et la mer". The debut release by Bibi Club, aka real-life lovers Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque, is sun-kissed and wave-washed, shimmering and chic, a party overdue after two years that have felt (to everyone!) like winter. Adèle has been singing for others for years, notably with Nico's band, Plants and Animals, but "Le soleil et la mer" stunningly and confidently reveals the extent of her skills.

Bibi Club effortlessly moved from home to the stage, with infectiously easygoing, fun-loving charm. You can immediately feel this euphoria on the album, which quickly makes you forget about the worries of the daily grind. It's summertime, come out and dance! Throughout "Le soleil et la mer", Adèle and Nico set out to create music that is intimate, honest, sparkling with an energy that animates even its quiet moments - and inspired by artists as diverse as Stereolab, Suicide, Alice Coltrane, and Tirzah. It's a sound as ready for revels as it is for rainy days. Bibi Club will remind you: if it's not sunny here, it's sunny somewhere.

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