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Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy - Blind Date Party - 2CD

Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy - Blind Date Party - 2CD

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The Blind Date Party hosted by Bill Callahan and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and featuring many guests (Ty Segall, Alasdair Roberts, Sean O'Hagan, David Pajo, Mick Turner, Meg Baird, Six Organs of Admittance, David Grubbs, and Sir Richard Bishop, to name a few) happened online in the fall and winter of 2020-21 - but the party planning dated back to the spring of 2020.

Stuck at home, with no gigs in the foreseeable future, Bill, Bonnie and Drag City needed an outreach program to keep themselves busy, not to mention sane. In the absence of any company or anything on the calendar, playing songs they loved was an idea; playing with people they loved, the desire. And making it fun - so pairing someone with someone else having no say in the matter, the essence of the blind date, was the plan.

Favourite songs were chosen by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Steely Dan, Billie Eilish, Lou Reed, Robert Wyatt, Hank Williams Jr. etc.; players from around the Drag City galaxy were messaged. Pretty soon, songs were flying back and forth - music in the air!

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