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Bill Fay - Tomorrow, Tomorrow & Tomorrow - CD

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Written and recorded as a follow-up to the Bill Fay Group's Time Of The Last Persecution. Although recorded between 1978 and 1981 this album never saw a release at the time, and it fell to the Durtro/Jnana label to unearth these lost 20 songs. Fay comes across as one of those artists who fell victim to the machinations of the music industry, with his first two albums going largely overlooked until an eventual resurgence in interest as the years passed. This long-overdue release proves conclusively that Fay was an artist, dropped by his label, yet still with a great deal left to offer. Fay's songwriting is hugely impressive on tracks like 'Strange Stairway' and 'Sam', both of which take on an almost prog-like character thanks to the jazz-influenced arrangements his band concocted for them. The album closes with the beautiful 'We Are Raised' and 'Isles Of Sleep' two comparatively pared-down affairs, both focusing in on Fay's piano and voice, revealing a talent that should never have fallen by the wayside.