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Bill Laswell - Dark Matter Halo - CD

Bill Laswell - Dark Matter Halo - CD

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On “Caravan to the Stars,” Dark Matter Halo (a.k.a. Monte Cimino) teams up with legendary bassist/producer Bill Laswell to create a landscape of warm low-end dub and dark ethereal textures that float towards the heavens.

Laswell’s signature bass sound is organically interwoven with Cimino and Sneeringer’s analog and digital textures, ominous droning violins conjured up by Whitley, and pulsating beats created by Laswell and Cimino; resulting in the dynamic interplay of acoustic and digital synthesis that ebbs and flows between tension, release, and the unknown.

Meticulously crafted from infinite possibilities of sound and feeling. Improvised texture music. Disintegration. Deconstruction. Nods to the past. Primordial memory. Focused energy towards the future. Clairvoyance. Time is that which ends.

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