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CD - Billy Cobham - A Funky Thide Of Sings

CD - Billy Cobham - A Funky Thide Of Sings

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 "A Funky Thide of Sings" is all about the funk! Space rock drumming to be precise. The album opener "Panhandler" begins with an eerie type of ambience that reminds of hiding under a rock until this unexplainable ominous danger above clears. This song keeps a tight melody flowing and even when an extraordinary jazzy guitar solo comes in, the song remains high-octane and awesome. Keith Jarrett's "Sorcery" displays the Cobham funk sound at it's best. "Moody Modes" lives up to it's name! 'A Funky Thide Of Sings' is an album with Cobham's thunderous drumrolls and triple kick bass drums, with his signature sound. To hear them is to realize you'll always recognize, and appreciate what a great drummer sounds like.


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