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Book - Martin Popoff - Dream Evil: Dio in the 80's

Book - Martin Popoff - Dream Evil: Dio in the 80's

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Holy Diver, The Last in Line, Sacred Heart and Dream Evil… these are the crown jewels Ronnie James Dio’s catalogue with his namesake Dio band, and most of those—if not all—deserve heavy metal shoulder-to-shoulder status against the man’s other top-flight an’ mighty works, namely Rainbow’s Rising record and Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell.

Such is the mission of this book, namely to celebrate these monster sledges of traditional American-styled power metal, and indeed make the argument that the band’s last from the 1980s, Dream Evil, is long overdue for a reassessment.

In that spirit, Martin Popoff offers his celebrated and time-honoured track-by-track trawl through this catalogue of immense importance (covering music, lyrics, production, cover arts and subsequent tour cycles), with extensive interview footage from members of the band all along the way, including two who are no longer with us, bassist Jimmy Bain and the beloved icon himself, Ronald James Padavona.

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