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Brant Bjork - Bougainvillea Suite - LP

Brant Bjork - Bougainvillea Suite - LP

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1 LP - Import - limited coloured vinyl

Once again, Brant Bjork is back with a wonderful new album, "Bougainvillea Suite"!

He’s never missed a shot in the last 20 years. His discography is connected by an imaginary line which crosses different sounds and melodies, but always with the same attitude. In the background, you can imagine the Mojave desert, where everything started many years ago, but his last record sounds as fresh as his debut, Jalamanta! Brant says about this album: "This is a bitter-sweet record for me. So much has changed in my life. Some things are more positive than others. But it’s always a blessing to be able to make a record and get the music out to the fans. This is the last record to be recorded in my Joshua Tree studio. I’m saying good bye to an era and looking down the road toward new beginnings."

"Bougainvillea Suite" is composed of 8 songs. Produced by Yosef Sanborn and Brant Bjork. Recorded at The Rad Cabin, Joshua Tree, CA.

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