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LP - Bryan Ferry - Bitter Sweet

LP - Bryan Ferry - Bitter Sweet

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1 LP - 180 gram

Bitter-Sweet accomplishes what the modernists of the past, in their youthful enthusiasm, could not. Ferry’s music embraces the artifice of art as well as the artlessness of emotion so that the ‘sad affair’ described at the start leads you to “break down and cry” by the end.

Thus we are transported to the Berlin of the Tacheles club and the Chamäleon, to the zeitgeist of that jazz-friendly metropolis in the young 20th century — the hedonistic world of Babylon Berlin.

The new record
Bitter-Sweet contains vocals, and is prompted by the songwriter’s work on the Sky Atlantic/Netflix series Babylon Berlin. Re-working some Roxy Music and solo classics, it aims to capture the freshness, the sheer modernity of 1920s jazz and the birth of popular culture.
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