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CD - Lemon Twigs - A Dream Is All We Know

CD - Lemon Twigs - A Dream Is All We Know

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Since the release of their debut studio album "Do Hollywood" in 2016, The Lemon Twigs have waved the same revivalist torch as Alex Chilton and his Big Star crew, working to prove that archaic music from the 1960s and 70s can still be relevant in the digital world.

Alongside peers like Foxygen and Drugdealer, The Lemon Twigs have explicitly documented a synchronistic blend of contemporary narrative motifs, old-school recording techniques, and flawless, consistent attitudes collaged from various crucial stages of rock 'n' roll.

After a whirlwind 2023, Brian and Michael D'Addario are continuing the momentum of their own evolving vision and voice, distilling a history lesson of baroque and power pop into "A Dream Is All We Know". The album is grandiose yet grounded; meticulous, yet wild and glowing.

"A Dream Is All We Know" is a profoundly dense and charged album, rife with string arrangements and a sonic thesis statement that has quaked through phases of glam, conceptualism, baroque, and Mustang-loud, stone-cold rock 'n' roll for more than half a century.

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