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CD - Mayhem - Daemonic Rites

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The album features recordings from a variety of locations and venues, each with their own unique atmosphere and audience!

Limited-edition 6-Panel Digipak and 12-page Booklet

Track list:
  1. Interlude (Live)
  2. Falsified and Hated (Live)
  3. To Daimonion (Live)
  4. Malum (Live)
  5. Bad Blood (Live)
  6. My Death (Live)
  7. Symbols of Bloodswords (Live)
  8. Voces Ab Alta (Live)
  9. Freezing Moon (Live)
  10. Pagan Fears (Live)
  11. Life Eternal (Live)
  12. Buried by Time and Dust (Live)
  13. Silvester Anfang (Live)
  14. Deathcrush (Live)
  15. Chainsaw Gutsfuck (Live)
  16. Carnage (Live)
  17. Pure Fucking Armageddon (Live)