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CD - Pig & KMFDM - Sin Sex & Salvation (Deluxe)

CD - Pig & KMFDM - Sin Sex & Salvation (Deluxe)

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1 CD - Import - Remastered

Not only have the original tracks been restored from the original DATs but PIG have also re-recorded the title track featuring appearances from former KMFDM allies Guneter Schultz and En Esch. Also adding an element of extra shock and awe from former Prodigy and Pitchshifter alumnus Jim Davies. A brand new version of the KMFDM classic 'Brute' (originally found on KMFDM's legendary 'Nihil' album) has been added to the mix alongside a long thought lost PIG cover of 'Disobedience'. The Japanese-only 'Hard Pork Mix' (by Steve White and Nitzer Ebb's Julian Beeston) of 'Rape Robbery & Violence' and an extended remix of the new version of 'Sin Sex & Salvation' completes the set. Available as a deluxe digipack, this release takes the explosive original to electrifying new heights. The conflict continues indeed.

Track Listing

  • Secret Skin
  • Fuck Me
  • Rape Robbery & Violence
  • Fuck Me Hoghunter
  • Secret Sin (Sex & Salvation)
  • Brute (PIG Version)
  • Disobedience (PIG Version)
  • Secret Skin (PIG Version)
  • Rape Robbery & Violence (The Hard Pork Mix)
  • Secret Sin (Extended PIG Version)
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