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Chris Houston - Hazards Of Glitter - CD

Chris Houston - Hazards Of Glitter - CD

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Chris was the original bassist for Hamilton's punk pioneers The Forgotten Rebels and was responsible for possibly their greatest moment 'Surfin' on Heroin'. After leaving the Rebels, Chris decamped to Vancouver where he established himself in the alternative underground, sharing a living space with Slow and releasing his, now super rare, AstroTurf covered LP 'Hate Filled Man' on Zulu records. After moving back to Toronto in the late 1980s, Chris recorded and released the 20 track CD 'Evil Twang' and then returned to his home city of Hamilton where he has been holed up ever since - surfacing briefly a few years ago with a well received 7" single 'Einstein's Brain's in Hamilton' and the 2018, digital only, release 'Today's Temperature'. Hazards of Glitter is his first full album in twenty years.

Including covers of songs by Lou Reed, Robert Calvert and Tommy Ramone as well as seven original songs. Recorded with a core band of Cleave Anderson and Bazil Donovan (Battered Wives, Sharks, Blue Rodeo), Steve Koch (The Demics), Michael Fonfara (The Electric Flag, Lou Reed) and featuring guest performances by Gord Lewis and Jack Pedler (Teenage Head) and Lori Yates as well as Herald Nix, Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor, Mary Margaret O'Hara and Jack DeKeyzer amongst others. Described as an 'Amazing racket that defies categorization' and 'Antibiotic resistant Rock & Roll'

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