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Encore Records Ltd

Creation Artifact 45 - The First Ten Singles (1983-1984) - 10x7" - LP

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10 x 7" Records in a Box


A1. '73 In '83
A2. You (Chunka Chunka) Were Glamorous
B. Melt The Guns
C. Flowers In The Sky
D. In The Afternoon
E. Fifty Years Of Fun
F. Then When I Scream
G. Think
H. Work For Nothing
I. Something Going On
J. Stay With Me Til Morning
K. Do The Ghost
L. Talk
M. There Must Be A Better Life
N. The Chocolate Elephant Man
O. Where The Traffic Goes
P. Mr Magic
Q. Why Does The Rain
R. Like
S. The Legend! Destroys The Blues
T. Arrogant Bastards


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