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Dave Douglas - Magic Triangle - CD

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 Trumpeter Dave Douglas has a tight, tense tone capable of streaking across the sky of his compositions in fiery, intense flashes. Here, paired with like-minded tenor saxophonist Chris Potter, Douglas is capable of lighting entire songs with his luminous horn.

For his part, Potter provides the shadow and nuance, adding an uncommon depth to these tone paintings. Balanced against the bass of James Genus and the percussion of Ben Perowsky, these songs are nimble and sure, moving from point to point, mood to mood with confidence and absolute precision. For fans of Douglas, this is among his finest moments (see also: 1995's stunning In Our Lifetime, the Douglas/Han Bennink duet disc Serpentine, and Douglas's work with John Zorn's Masada). For fans of well-constructed, well- played jazz sparking with energy and ideas, this is a no-brainer.