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Eddie Piller Presents - British Mod Sounds Volume 2 - 4CD

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4 CD Set - UK Import

Curated by Acid Jazz Records and Modcast founder Eddie Piller, "British Mod Sounds of The 1960s Volume 2: The Freakbeat & Psych Years" is the follow up to the hugely successful "British Mod Sounds of The 1960s".

Featuring 95 original tracks across a 4CD set, it is a deep dive into the post-Mod scene in 60s Britain, with a selection of classic and rare tracks, tracing the scene from early 1965 to the dawn of a new decade.

The British Mod bands that had made the first half of the decade so exciting were still around but inevitably their influences had changed. No longer content with rehashing American R&B, the scene split in multiple directions, not all of it forward looking - some hardened their up-tempo sound and gradually evolved into what we would come to know as Freakbeat.

Others bought in psychedelic, esoteric or Eastern influences. A third strand explored a more pastoral or Folk based route. Simply put, songs and hair got longer. The collection tracks the development of the original Mod mainstays (Small Faces, The Who, The Action, The Kinks), with a generous selection of future superstars (David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Steve Howe of Yes are all represented here), alongside a few artists so obscure, so rare, that they never got to release a record in the 60s, but Eddie has tracked down the tapes nonetheless.