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Edgar Froese - Dalinetopia - CD

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  The first ever full commercial release of the 2004 recording by Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese, "Dalinetopia". In 1967, the young Edgar Froese met the unique and eccentric artist Salvador Dali. Visiting the painter twice and performing together with Tangerine Dream a few times in his villa in Port Lligat, Spain, Edgar was one of the few musicians who knew the man face to face.

Nearly four decades after these meetings, Froese decided to transform his experiences with Salvador Dali into sound, forming his own tribute to Dali. The album was originally made available as a mail order only item, but now finally makes its appearance as a wider release on Esoteric Reactive for the first time. "Dalinetopia" is a profound listening experience and a fine tribute from one much missed artist to another.