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Encore Records Ltd

El Michels Affair - The Abominable EP - LP

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1 LP - limited baby blue vinyl

 El Michels Affair follows up the success of their full length "Yeti Season" with "The Abominable EP", a collection of unreleased tracks, alternate takes, and instrumentals from the "Yeti Season" recording sessions.

EMA's blending their signature cinematic soul sound with influences from Turkish Funk and the grittiest of Bollywood soundtracks yielded an instant classic The Fader calls "a carnival of dusty funk and soul".

he EP starts off with the unreleased gem "Messy Grass" whose synth intro, peppered with distant yeti cries, gives way to a tremendous backing track that Tamer Pinarbasi’s Qanun dances over. On "Cham Cham",

EMA invites Piya Malik to the microphone again to share her styled storytelling vocals over the instrumental track from "Yeti Season"'s "Perfect Harmony". Where some of the tunes on the EP have vocals added, some of them have them removed letting the band take center stage, giving them a wholly different energy than the vocal versions.