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Encore Records Ltd

Frank Zappa - Joe's Menage CD

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Official Release #84. 

Material is taken from an archival concert excerpt taken from a 'one-off' cassette tape compiled and produced by Frank Zappa and given to an avid fan, Ole M. Lysgaard, for personal use/enjoyment backstage the day after an open-air concert in Malmo, Sweden, September 1978 after talking extensively to Zappa, along with two other tapes, "Lather" and "Impossible Concerts". 
Ole sent the tape to Gail Zappa, along with the "Impossible Concerts" compilation Frank had given him (actually sent the latter as the primary ie as thought he heard an excerpt from "Impossible Concerts" in "QuaUDIOPHILIAc"), in 2004. 
The result was that this particular recording/cassette- simply titled "William & Mary" after the venue where it was played- was chosen to be restored and/or prepared for an official release, ultimately becoming Joe's Menage.