Girl - Wasted Youth - 6CD

Girl - Wasted Youth - 6CD

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6 CD Set - UK Import

Includes the classic Wasted Youth album plus five CDs of rarities and live recordings.

A band slightly out of time, Girl formed in 1979, coming to prominence with their debut LP Sheer Greed in January 1980. Featuring singer Phil Lewis, guitarists Gerry Laffy and Phil Collen, and joined by Gerry's brother Simon on bass, they rocked hard enough to capitalize on the burgeoning New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement that was sweeping across the UK, a scene led by Iron Maiden, Saxon and Def Leppard.

Produced by Nigel Thomas with the band, second album Wasted Youth was released at the beginning of 1982. This 10 track album features the singles 'Thru' The Twilite' and 'Old Dogs'. The wealth of bonus material included on this anthology kicks off with the 20 track Killing Time album on CD2, a collection of outtakes from their two studio albums. London's Marquee Club was an important stepping stone for any live rock band to prove it's (heavy) mettle. Girl was popular enough with the Marquee to enjoy a residency at the venue during their short career, thankfully captured for posterity here.