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Grave - Hating Life - CD

Grave - Hating Life - CD

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Swedish Death Metal reigns supreme...

When the name Grave is mentioned in connection with death metal, other band names inevitably come to mind: Unleashed. Dismember and Entombed. Together they are something like the "Big Four" of the "Death Metal made in Sweden movement" at the beginning of the nineties and thus still form the pinnacle of this genre.

After their third, and stylistically rather unusual album "Soulless", the path they took in the mid-nineties was continued on the 96 album "Hating Life". From then on, band head Ola Lindern took over the vocals as well as the guitar and was to shape the image of the "new" Grave from then on. On the following tour through Europe and America, the live album "Extremely Rotten Live" was recorded, before the band went into a Sleeping Beauty sleep for six years, only to come back "Back From The Grave", completely renewed and in keeping with the title.

With "Hating Life", a document of the time is re-released, which still shows the band in its original state and cements why this band is one of the "Big Four". Even if the name comes from another band of the "Big Four", one thing above all is characteristic on this album: Death Metal Victory!


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