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Encore Records Ltd

Hillary Woods - Birthmarks - LP

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1 LP

Dark red vinyl edition, limited to 1500 copies.

Hilary Woods' "Birthmarks" has been a labor of intensity and intuition, written over the course of two years.

Recorded whilst heavily pregnant between Galway and Oslo in the winter of 2019, Woods explores the oscillating and volatile processes of selfhood and becoming, hidden gestational growth, and the birthing of the Self, amidst continuous social and personal change. In its mystery and attentiveness to the art of alchemy and the world of the unseen, "Birthmarks" is a journey through textural fog and feral density that gives way to passages of voracious sonic exorcism and poetic healing. Its eight songs traverse planes of visceral physicality, stark tender space, and breathtaking introspective beauty.

Field recordings, analogue bass synthesizers, hushed vocals, and the breath are underpinned with heavy noise processing, fierce and wide cello, rich percussion, sable saxophone, and electronics. It is a deeply powerful and enigmatic record that ultimately transcends its disquiet roots.