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Iron & Wine - Archive Series Volume No. 5: Tallahasse - CD

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"Archive Series Volume No. 5: Tallahassee" is the lost-in-time debut album from Iron & Wine. A collection of songs recorded three years prior to his official Sub Pop debut, "The Creek Drank the Cradle" (2002).

A period before the concept of Iron & Wine existed and principal songwriter Sam Beam was studying at Florida State University with the intent of pursuing a career in film. "Tallahassee Recordings" documents the very first steps on a journey that would lead to a career as one of America's most original and distinctive singer-songwriters. "Creek" arrived like a thief in the night with its lo-fi, hushed vocals and intimate nature, while almost inversely "Tallahassee" comes with a strange sense of confidence.

Perhaps an almost youthful discretion that likely comes from being too young to know better and too naïve to give a shit. The recordings themselves are more polished than "Creek" and give a peek into what a studio version of that record might have offered up.