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Jefferson Starship - Plays Jefferson Airplane - CD

Jefferson Starship - Plays Jefferson Airplane - CD

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Import live release from the veteran rockers led by Paul Kantner. This live album was recorded on June 12th 2009 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar California. The album captures this legendary band at one of their most recent live concerts celebrating Jefferson Airplane's appearance at the legendary Woodstock Festival in August 1969. The band perform a number of their classic songs including 'Somebody to Love', 'White Rabbit', 'Eskimo Blue Day Volunteers' and 'The Other Side of This Life', all of which featured in Jefferson Airplane's set at Woodstock 40 years ago.

The album also features former Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten on two Grateful Dead songs, 'Deal' and 'I Know You Rider'. Nine tracks.

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