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Encore Records Ltd

Jimmy Somerville - Suddenly Last Summer 10th - CD

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1 CD - UK Import

Expanded reissue of Jimmy Somerville's long out-of-print "Suddenly Last Summer" album.

This definitive 19-track 10th anniversary celebratory package includes stellar live concert recordings of ‘Motherless Child’ and ‘I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself’, dance-floor remixes of ‘Motherless Child’ and ‘People Are Strange’, and an emotive alternate version of ‘By Your Side’.

Both the ‘People Are Strange’ remix and the alternate version of ‘By Your Side’ are previously unreleased, as are the two songs ‘The Gal From Joes’ and ‘Bent In The Bush’, which were recorded during the original album sessions and remained unheard - until now!