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Jon Spencer - Spencer Gets It Lit - LP

Jon Spencer - Spencer Gets It Lit - LP

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 The incredible, indelible Jon Spencer is back with the incendiary HITmakers - and with his hottest record yet! "Spencer Gets It Lit" is classic Jon Spencer taken to the extreme - electro-boogie, constructivist art pop, and a psychedelic swamp of industrial sleaze and futurist elegance.

It is an epic master work of freak beat from the world's weirdest garage. Across brain-boggling layers of fury, fuzz guitar, and a crash-bang battery of phaser blasts, photon torpedoes, and otherworldly zounds, he frantically spits, croons, rhapsodizes, and seduces.

"Spencer Gets It Lit" is his most complex and groovy record in years, a dark, danceable odyssey - both a studied take-down of the early 21st century, and a celebration of the place where electricity meets the mind. Thirteen wicked hot songs of love, loss, lust, life - "Spencer Gets It Lit" delivers all of the friction, excitement, and post-modern depravity one could ever ask for!

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