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Kreator - Violent Revolution - 2CD

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2 Cd

The 21st anniversary edition of Kreator's mighty comeback record "Violent Revolution"!

As the 21st century was born, Kreator underwent what was nothing less than a seismic creative rebirth.

By this time, the iconic German band had released nine studio albums in the 1980s and 90s, which had established them as one of the most important metal names of these decades.

Now, though, it was time to move into a fresh era. "Violent Revolution" was released in September 2001, and became the band's highest charting album in Germany, as it reached #38. While in some ways it does harken back to the glories of the band's earlier days, nonetheless it does not sound at all nostalgic.

The performances and production values are very much part of the contemporary era, and the strength of the compositions themselves are of the highest values.

The CD adds a bonus disc with 17 live tracks recorded at festivals around the world.