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LP - Gatecreeper - Dark Superstition

LP - Gatecreeper - Dark Superstition

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1 LP - limited purple vinyl

The new wave of American death metal needs a breakout album, and "Dark Superstition" is it. Gatecreeper's third full-length sees the Arizona death metal specialists carving out their own path. The band's first album for Nuclear Blast is more concise, melodic, and memorable than anything they've done in the past. Formed in 2013, Gatecreeper have spent the last decade steadily climbing the death metal ladder.

Think of "Dark Superstition" as Gatecreeper's answer to Entombed's "Wolverine Blues" or Dismember's "Massive Killing Capacity", pivotal albums on which the songs got tighter and more rock influenced. Or even Paradise Lost, who went even further in a rock direction with albums like "Draconian Times" and "Icon". "Dark Superstition" was recorded at God City Studios in Salem, Massachusetts, with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, who also mixed the album. The record is a direct result of Gatecreeper's experience, musical refinement, and commitment to death metal.

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