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LP - Guy Clark - Truly Handmade Vol. 1

LP - Guy Clark - Truly Handmade Vol. 1

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The focus of Truly Handmade Volume 1 is a collection of Guy Clark’s solo acoustic demos, which reveal the early forms of several Clark classics. His fans may have heard “L.A. Freeway” or “Let Him Roll” or “Lone Star Hotel” dozens of times, but hearing them like this affords a precious peek behind the curtain.

Even more intriguing are songs that were left on the cutting-room floor. Nearly half the songs on Truly Handmade will be new to even longtime fans. A few stretch back to the early ’70s, before Guy had ever released an album. We also finally get to hear Guy’s early version of “Step Inside My House.” Guy often claimed this was the first song he ever wrote.

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