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LP - Laetitia Sadier - Rooting For Love

LP - Laetitia Sadier - Rooting For Love

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1 LP - UK Import

Over the course of her career, spanning three-plus decades, Lætitia Sadier has never shied away from the hard topics, or stopped advocating for the possibility of self-determination and emancipation in the face of the powers that be, conscious or unconscious.

This is an essential part of the foundation she co-built with Stereolab, showcasing her spiritual, scientific and sociopolitical inquiries. She's continued this process with Monade and under her own name and as a writer/ singer/musician whose every album acts as a report on her journey of the self through time, space and the collective.

On "Rooting For Love", the report is set alight by the heat of a turbulent world, collapsing institutions and Lætitia's fully engaged process of expression as well as orchestration. Leading from the inside is the implacable presence of Lætitia Sadier, herself interacting with a vocal assembly of men and women billed as The Choir. The regular reappearance of The Choir throughout "Rooting For Love" is a reminder of this music being one of a people in critical mass, in addition to an evolution that continues to deepen the rich harmonic fields in which Lætitia plays.

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