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LP - Lonnie Liston Smith - Afro-Desia

LP - Lonnie Liston Smith - Afro-Desia

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The second in Mr Bongo's series opening the vault on classic recordings from the fabled Groove Merchant Records catalogue. This time the spotlight turns to the Hammond B3 organ maestro Lonnie Smith, with a reissue of his cosmic jazz-funk journey, ‘Afro-Desia’.

Originally released in 1975, this much-loved album was produced by Groove Merchant label owner Sonny Lester and features the mysterious "Compliments Of A Friend" on guitar. Considering Smith was part of George Benson's quartet in the 1960s, that not so discreet veil appears to have been lifted on who this "friend" might be.

The lineup doesn't stop there though, with the likes of legendary bassist Ron Carter and saxophonist Joe Lavano joining the outfit. An album of two parts, the first side sees Lonnie Smith in a spaced-out, cosmic jazz funk setting, whereas Side B takes a more classic soul-jazz flavour, with touches of Latin spice.

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