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LP - Sum 41 - Half Hour Of Power

LP - Sum 41 - Half Hour Of Power

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1 LP - late RSD release - florescent pink vinyl - metallic sleeve

Sum 41's debut extended play released on June 27, 2000 on Aquarius Records. Though officially an EP, Half Hour of Power may also be considered the band's debut studio album.

The first track, "Grab the Devil by the Horns and * Him up the *," is a time warp. For a minute and a half the group relives the new wave of British metal and cranks out an Iron Maiden style tune. After a brief trip down memory lane the album quickly morphs into pop punk. The songs are well crafted and the hooks are catchy on "Make No Difference" and "Summer." But in some respects that is problematic, there was a time in the pre-Green Day/Blink 182 years where punk defined itself by not being radio friendly. A good album, but essentially proof that turn of the millennium punk is just as much a corporate rock entity as adult contemporary.

A1 Grab The Devil By The Horns And **** Him Up The ***"
A2 Machine Gun
A3 What I Believe
A4 T.HT.
A5 Makes No Difference

1B Summer
2B 32 Ways To Die
3B Second Chance For Max Headroom
4B Dave's Possessed Hair/It's What We're All About
5B Ride The Chariot To The Devil
6B Another Time Around

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