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Mac McCaughan - The Sound Of Yourself - CD

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Throughout his career fronting Superchunk and Portastatic, Mac McCaughan has channeled more than his share of angst into a microphone, resulting in undeniable rock anthems. So how can a voice so familiar to others still seem foreign to its owner? On "The Sound of Yourself", McCaughan's second release under his own name, he explores that question fully, shooting his voice through a prism and refracting it across these songs in new and rewarding ways. McCaughan leaned into allowing randomness and accidents to catalyze his compositions. Instrumentals make up nearly half of "The Sound of Yourself", and are integral to the album's atmosphere. While the pop-oriented tracks hint at sounds explored on "Non-Believers", McCaughan's recent scoring work and frequent excursions with synthesizers and sequencers add a particularly crystalline spaciness akin to The Durutti Column and Bowie's Berlin trilogy.