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Max Webster - A Million Vacations - CD

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 Arguably Max Webster’s most successful and accomplished album. Fully remastered, 12 page full colour booklet, 4000 word essay, enhanced artwork, and rarely seen photos. This was Max Webster’s fourth album, their most commercially palatable album by a country mile, and it’s one that secured them not only a Platinum record in Canada, with three hit singles, but also opened up the international market when they supported Rush on their 1979 ‘Hemispheres’ European tour.

Led by the enigmatic Kim Mitchell, the album, in keeping with their quirky unconventional approach, was helmed not by a seasoned record producer but by a TV advertising executive and jingle writer. It was actually a smart move as the record not only celebrated their progressive rock roots but also showcased a determined ambition to widen their appeal to a broader market. Recorded in their native Canada, at Phase One Studios, Ontario, the album contains a number of key tracks; including ‘Let Go The Line’, ‘Night Flights’ and the title track.

Best of all though is ‘Paradise Skies’, a triumphant and hugely captivating composition that nearly, but not quite, secured them an international hit. It’s also a record that captured some of Kim Mitchell’s most fluent and impressive guitar solos.