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Mdou Moctar - Niger EP Vol. 2 - LP

Mdou Moctar - Niger EP Vol. 2 - LP

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Tuareg rock group Mdou Moctar present the second installment of their "Niger" EP series - featuring live and alternate versions of songs spanning the band's discography, recorded in their home country.

The limited edition transparent green "Niger EP Vol. 2" is an innovative alchemy of Tuareg folk, blues and rock, electric guitar pyrotechnics, field recordings and electronics with poetic call-to-arms lyrics about the plight of his homeland of Niger. "Ibitlan" captures the band's renowned live energy in unmediated form, pushing the faders to their very limits and representing what Mdou Moctar are accomplishing with this project.

Speaking on track, and the ethos behind these recordings, producer and bassist Mikey Coltun said "this particular recording was done in Agadez in 2017 at a wedding. Mdou and I had played three weddings a day for about a month and a half on that trip. It was like bootcamp. I loved it. "Ibitlan" is one of Mdou's oldest songs and is covered by pretty much every Tuareg guitarist. We've played versions of this song lasting over 20 minutes. It's definitely one of my favorites to play!".

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