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Encore Records Ltd

Morningstar - S/T - CD

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 Fully remastered pomp rock classic, 2 bonus tracks, 12-page full colour booklet – 4,000 word essay, en-hanced artwork, photos. There was a time during the late 1970s when the American music business was releasing an incredible volume of classy rock bands.

Formed in Kansas during the early 70s, the band be-came a formidable live draw and attracted the attention of Columbia . Their 1978 debut album is a fitting period piece, drawing comparisons to Roadmaster, Trillion and Starcastle; all groups with a penchant for melody, classy arrange-ments and impressive musicianship. Morningstar also imbibed heavily from the progressive rock world occupied by the likes of Yes, ELP and Procol Harum.

With their hard driving edge and progressive flourishes several tracks standout, such as the pound-ing ‘Turn Out All The Lights’, the epic six minute ‘Through The Night’, which is a cornucopia of heavy but melodious rock and ‘Sad Lady’, classy pomp rock blessed with layers of soaring vocals and impressive keyboards; all qualities that continue to impress.