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2CD - Nailbomb - 1000% Hate

2CD - Nailbomb - 1000% Hate

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2 CDs - UK Import

Nailbomb - Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly) and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel) - formed as a project having toured together twice between 92 – 94, before eventually settling near each other in Phoenix, Arizona.

26 track double CD package from cult extreme metal ‘supergroup’ Nailbomb, featuring the band’s complete recordings from their 18 month existence.

CD 1 features their sole studio album ‘Point Blank’, originally released in 1994,
CD 2 features their live album ‘Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide’, originally released in 1995, a recording from their legendary live set at the Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven, Holland, in June 1995.

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