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Pike Vs. The Automaton - S/T - 2LP

Pike Vs. The Automaton - S/T - 2LP

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2 LP - Indie coloured vinyl

From rewriting the hard rock rulebook with High On Fire to reverse engineering doom metal with Sleep, Matt Pike has channeled his natural talents and chiseled a steely path to the heart of modern day metal's molten core. Birthed under hellish red-orange skies bred from rampaging west coast wildfires and built amidst the yearlong political riots in Portland, Oregon, Pike's solo debut "Pike Vs. The Automaton" is both a musical and emotional release.

"Basically, what the album title is saying, metaphorically, is 'Pike against the World.' I made a psychedelic rock record that Sleep and High on Fire fans would like", Pike says when asked for a Cliffs Notes description of "Pike Vs. The Automaton". And maybe if you're not a Sleep or High on Fire fan, you might like it too. I definitely think it's interesting; it has D-Beat punk, two-step. It's got everything and it still works together, it doesn't sound odd. It's just an off-the-wall psychedelic rock record".

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