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CD - Redd Kross - Red Cross

CD - Redd Kross - Red Cross

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The special 40th anniversary edition of the "Red Cross" EP, which includes the band's six-song eponymous debut and adds five contemporaneous extra tracks, is the most comprehensive document to date of the extraordinary birth of Redd Kross.

In a single 12-month period, Jeff and Steven McDonald, two adolescent brothers from Hawthorne, CA, went from posing with cheap guitars and singing into hairbrushes in front of their bedroom mirror to recording in world-class studios and performing live at punk shows/riots that are still being pondered and written about for their pioneering cultural relevance within the Southern California punk landscape.

Along with the original tracks from the "Red Cross" (including classics like "Cover Band", "Annette's Got the Hits" and "I Hate My School"), this edition adds four demo tracks from the first time the band had ever stepped foot in a recording studio. Notably, the demo session was paid for with 12-year-old bassist Steven's paper route money. Also included is the 1979 live track "Fun With Connie".

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