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Snarky Puppy - Immigrance - CD

Snarky Puppy - Immigrance - CD

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Like Snarky Puppy’s last album, 2016’s Culcha Vulcha, Immigrance is a studio project featuring most of the same musicians and the same dynamic, creative spirit. However, it is also rawer and moodier than its predecessor. “Like Culcha Vulcha,” League says via a press release, “this record is largely informed by our travels, and we’re always trying to pass specific ideas through our filter and into our idiom without being disrespectful to the tradition at hand.”

Immigrance also draws from the idea that humanity can benefit immensely when different cultures come together. As its title suggests, it is not without its political undertones, yet rather than scorn or pontificate, it celebrates multiculturality. This is a concept that Snarky Puppy has always embodied by utilizing sonic influences from all over the world, as well as musicians from every corner of the United States in addition to Argentina, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. “The band itself is a representation of what we’re trying to express musically,” League explains. “That people [who] come together from different places can bring their strengths and experiences, and how that can be beautiful and cohesive.”

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