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Starcastle - Citadel - CD

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1 Cd - UK Import - Rock Candy


Influenced by the musical showmanship of the early 1970s British Progressive Rock movement, and its wicked ability to pen songs of a uniquely melodic nature, Starcastle instantly connected with an audience hoping to hear the complexities of Yes fused with the ballistic fire-power of Boston. Indeed, in this quest, Starcastle took no prisoners, throwing all caution to the wind.

'Citadel', the band's third album (originally released in 1977), satisfied on all counts. Arguably their greatest work, it promotes raging pomp-rock mayhem held in place by long keyboard driven passages and vocals to die for. Supremely melodic, yet surprisingly gutsy, this work of brilliance was produced by none other than Queen collaborator Roy Thomas Baker, a man unafraid to utilise all the technical tricks and know-how at his disposal. Remastered with liner notes.