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Steve Dawson - Gone, Long Gone - CD

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Steve Dawson has always been hard to pin down. A guitarist, a composer, a sought after musical enabler and sideman? Of course, he's all of those thingsand more, but none of those descriptions really do the seven-time JunoAward-winning musician justice.

Gone, Long Gone' features brilliant instrumental performances from some of the finest players in roots music. Jeremy Holmes holds everything together on bass with drumming split between Gary Craigand Jay Bellerose (both drummers play together on 'Six Skeletons'), while Kevin McKendree and Chris Gestrin laid down the piano, organ and other keyboards. Keri Latimer joins in on vocals on two songs, and Steve's old'Birds of Chicago' band-mate, Allison Russell joined in to sing on a few as did Steve's daughter Casey Dawson.