Stillwater - I Reserve The Right! - CD

Stillwater - I Reserve The Right! - CD

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Fully remastered. Second and final album from this classic Southern Rock band. 12-page full colour booklet – 4,000 word essay, new interview, enhanced artwork, and rarely seen photos.

For Stillwater their biggest hurdle came in the form of a career-ending incident, when their record label filed for bankruptcy just as this, their second album, was released. It was an impossible situation for them to overcome, despite the quality of this record and the band’s momentum from their acclaimed debut album and impressive live work. Based in Macon, Georgia, Stillwater had developed a fine reputation before being snapped up by the premiere Southern Rock label Capricorn. Issued in 1979 and produced once again by Atlanta Rhythm Section producer/writer Buddy Buie, at Studio One in Doraville, this album found the band developing their style and swagger in no uncertain terms.

Boasting a number of superb tracks, including ‘Kalifornia Kool‘, ‘Fair Warning’ and the seven minute long title track, featuring some blistering lead guitar work. It also contained a superb duet on the song ‘Ain’t We A Pair’ with fellow Capricorn artist, the legendary Bonnie Bramlett.