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Encore Records Ltd

Sun Ra - Cosmo Sun Connection - CD

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"Back in the late 70s and early 80s, Recommended imported a great number of Saturn Records to Europe. The Arkestra would press them up to order and then I'd collect when I was in New York. We always paid in advance to cover their pressing costs. Then came an occasion when there was nothing to collect; the Arkestra had urgently needed money and ours had been there - so they had spent it. I could hardly be angry - keeping the Arkestra afloat was a miracle at the best of times - but Recommended was also poor and such a loss was not really sustainable for us. In the spirit of generous compromise,

Sun Ra gave us, in lieu of the unpressed LPs, the Cosmo Sun Connection mastertape, which we released in a small edition in 1985. This is the first time that this legendary recording has been widely available."