Swans - Filth -3CD

Swans - Filth -3CD

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This 3CD expanded re-issue package constitutes a definitive picture of Swans in the years 1982-84. Includes:

DISC ONE: SWANS original debut LP “Filth” from 1983, with the line up of M.Gira, Norman Westberg, Roli Mosimann, Harry Crosby, and Jonathan Kane. Also features versions of "Strip/Burn," "Heatsheet," "Blackout," "Clay Man," "Stay Here, and "Weakling," all recorded live.

DISC TWO: Body to Body material comprised of various studio out-takes and live recordings 1982-85, with a nine-minute version of "Raping a Slave," recorded live in Berlin, 1984 (originally released with FILTH on YGD-11).

DISC THREE: Debut 12” EP #1, originally released in 1982, Plus additional live performances from NYC and London.